Visual Impairment

March 2016: Sand et al (2013) Visual impairment in stroke patients – a review. Acta Neurologica Scandinavica, 127(s196), 52-56.

Although this article was published a couple of years back, it is one of the few that review visual impairment and recovery after stroke. Because a stroke team doesn’t usually include a member with expertise in visual assessment, impairment and intervention, this is one of the areas where, I’d suggest, we’re aware of the issue and we know how to detect its presence or absence, but from that point on, we’re floundering a little, when it comes to recovery. Sand et al report that approximately 30% of patients recovering from stroke will have visual impairment. So, it seemed timely to bring this issue to our attention. You’ll find the abstract and “humble opinion” under Journal Club 2016.