Cognition after Stroke

May 2016: Munch et al (2016) Stroke location is an independent predictor of cognitive outcome (MoCA) at 3 months post stroke. Stroke, 47(1), 66-73 DOI: 10:1161/STROKEAHA.115.011242 available at

I’m thinking about focusing on a particular outcome of stroke for two, if not three months in a row. That way, Journal Club could dig deeper into some issues for the rest of 2016. Let me know what you think!

If feasible, in Month 1, I’ll try to review recent evidence about pathophysiology; Month 2, evidence about assessment and Month 3, evidence about recovery and/or an effective intervention. For me, cognition after stroke keeps cropping up, so I’ve decided to start with this outcome. The May 2016 journal article reports on an investigation into the regions of the brain that, if lesioned by stroke, are most likely to result in cognitive dysfunction after stroke. The measure the researchers use is the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) and that’s good, because I know that in Month 2, I’ll review an article reporting the MoCA’s clinical applicability in survivors of stroke.

You’ll find the abstract and “humble opinion” under Journal Club 2016. To view this article you’ll need access to the Stroke journal or you can email the corresponding author.