Cognition: Assessing after Stroke

June 2016: Pendlebury et al (2012) Differences in cognitive profile between TIA, stroke and elderly research subjects: A comparison of MMSE and MoCA. Cerebrovascular Diseases, 34(1), 48-54 DOI: DOI:10.1159/000338905 available at

So, staying with cognition after stroke; if you were to ask me what assessment I would recommend, my reply would be, the Montreal Cognitive Assessment or MoCA. Why? Because it is an assessment that’s been well researched in cohorts of patients recovering from stroke, and it seems to be one that more and more centres are adopting.

Sure, this month’s Journal Club article is not a very recent article, but I’ve selected it because the investigators compare the MoCA to the MMSE across three cohorts: memory research subjects and those with TIA and stroke. As almost all of the evidence is indicating, in patients with stroke, the MoCA is more sensitive to mild cognitive impairment than the MMSE.

As usual, you’ll find the abstract and “humble opinion” under Journal Club 2016. To view this article you’ll need access to the Cerebrovascular Disease journal or you can email the corresponding author.