Altered Sexual Function

October 2016: Brandstater & Kim (2016) The challenge of altered sexual function in stroke survivors undergoing rehabilitation. Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation, 32 (3), 199-203

This is a topic which I’ve not posted about before and yet, it is so integral to enjoying life, particularly within our intimate relationships. As the authors state: “..poststroke changes have a profound effect on the way a stroke survivor shares intimacy with the spouse of significant other and participates in sexual activity”. I can’t imagine how challenging it must be to participate in sexual activities when one half of your body isn’t working that well and when you’re potentially prone to fatigue and depression! As the authors point out in their concluding statement: “Attention should be given to sexual counselling at an appropriate stage during the individual’s recovery”.

The full article is not publicly available, so don’t forget, if you’d like a copy, you can always request it from the corresponding author. To find “humble opinion”, go to Journal Club 2016 and Altered Sexual Function and scroll down to the comment section at the base of the page.