Vision and Stroke

May 2018: Rowe, F. J., the VIS writing group. (2017). Vision In Stroke cohort: Profile overview of visual impairment. Brain and Behavior7(11), e00771.

Since attending the UK Stroke Forum in November 2016, I’ve found myself asking why therapists, particularly occupational therapists, are involved in the assessing and treating of visual impairment after stroke. My question has been around the fact that therapists are not, in fact, experts in visual impairment. I understand the logic that because vision impacts occupational performance, therapists, particularly occupational therapists, need to give it consideration, but why are they so actively involved in its assessment and management? At the UK Stroke Forum there were presentations about the involvement of orthoptic services in stroke units – what an “ah ha” moment that was! Of course, why not involve those who have the expertise?

In this month’s article, Rowe and her colleagues report findings in relation to vision after stroke. They profile “the full range of visual disorders from a large, prospective, observation cohort study of stroke survivors with suspected visual impairment, referred by stroke multidisciplinary teams to orthoptic services”.

This article is freely available and incredibly interesting to read. To find the abstract and “humble opinion”, please select the drop down option under Journal Club 2018.

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