Are you an…

Australian Occupational Therapist working in the Residential Aged Care sector? If so,

Request: Hi! My name is Dr Isobel Hubbard. I’ve created an anonymous “Fact Finding Mission” that targets Australian Occupational Therapists working in the Residential Aged Care Sector.

If this applies to you, please use this link or go to to “have your say”. It should take around 6-10 minutes of your time and it will be available until September 28th, 2019.

If you have colleagues working in this sector, please share this link with them and ask them to share it with their colleagues. The more data we collect, the stronger the “voice”.

Background: From conversations that many of us have had, it appears that in the Residential Aged Care sector, there may be a mismatch between what our profession has to offer and what Occupational Therapists are being asked to do.

If so, using data collected from this survey, we’d like to garner evidence of this potential mismatch and in turn, give “voice” to the concerns. For example, I’d present the findings of this survey at the next Australian Stroke Coalition in November, and, if there is evidence of a mismatch, the coalition could use the findings as evidence to support letters to relevant national institutions.

Thank you: For your interest in this issue, for forwarding this on to your colleagues and, if relevant, for posting your responses.

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