Music & Anxiety After Stroke

February 2019: Le Danseur et al (2019) Music as a therapy to alleviate anxiety during inpatient rehabilitation for stroke. Rehabilitation Nursing, 44(1), 29-34

Before you read my first 2019 post, turn on your favourite music, take a few minutes to simply listen, draw a few deep breaths and enjoy the sense of pleasure it generates. Funny really; if we were all to hear the music of one another, I reckon the differences would be very noticeable; and yet, “each to their own”, as the saying goes. The music that I’d select, could, and probably would, be very different to the music that select; yet, both of us would be experiencing a similar sense of pleasure. That pleasure could be relaxing, enervating or anywhere in between! Music; what an amazing thing it is!

So, could listening to music reduce anxiety of people recovering from a recent stroke? Because anxiety affects around one third of stroke survivors, this article is well worth reading! It’s not publicly available; but don’t forget, you can usually contact the corresponding author to request a copy.

For the abstract, go to the new Journal Club 2019 page and select the only drop-down option for now! For “Humble Opinion”, go to the comment attached to this post! All the very best in wherever your professional journeying takes you in 2019!

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