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Impairments after Stroke

December 2016: Lawrence et al (2001) Estimates of the prevalence of acute stroke impairments and disability in a multiethnic population. Stroke, 32, 1279-1284

OK, so this is a bit weird! I’m reviewing an article that was published 6 years ago!! What are you doing Isobel? Isn’t one of your aims to make sure you only ever review recently-published evidence?

True, but this time I’m going to make an exception. I’m currently in the process of writing a book!! It’s titled “Stroke and the Upper Limb: A practical guide for therapists”. I’m aiming to launch it mid-way through next year. Whilst researching the evidence about predicting upper limb recovery, I wanted to find out how prevalent upper limb dysfunction was and where it ranked on the prevalence “hierarchy”. I probably shouldn’t have been surprised, but Lawrence et al (2001) report that upper limb motor dysfunction has the highest prevalence in patients 3 months post-stroke. At 77% of all patients, it comes in just in front of lower limb motor dysfunction. No wonder we see so many patients with motor dysfunction!

This article is a really interesting “read” if you’d like to know more about the prevalence hierarchy of impairments early after stroke. I also thought this was a good place to conclude this year’s Journal Club. Our aim is to reduce the impact of stroke and this article is a useful summary of the oh-so-many impairments that patients experience after stroke. The article is publicly available at:

To find the full reference, abstract and “humble opinion”, go to Journal Club 2016 and Impairments After Stroke.