Stroke Re-Word

Stroke ReWoRD: ReWording Recovery Discourse

Welcome to the Stroke ReWoRD project and thank you for your interest. Stroke is a brain-based problem that needs a brain-based solution or recovery management plan. Over time I’ve been increasingly aware that as health professionals, much of the language, terminology and discourse that we use, both written and verbal, is more often than not, body-based. Rarely do we discuss or write about a patient’s recovery from the perspective on what’s happening in his or her brain!

For example, if I was reporting on how a patient’s upper limb was recovering in a weekly Case Conference, I’d probably find myself talking about range of movement, muscle power, personal care and so on. Most of my professional discourse would be focused on the upper limb. Rarely would I discuss recovery in brain-based discourse, reporting, for example, the outcomes of the disconnect between the body and brain, the impact of the stroke damage specific to a particular region of the brain and/or how the interventions that I was prescribing and applying drove brain-based recovery. It’s just not part of normal stroke recovery “speak” or discourse. Almost all of what is said or written is body-based. To start re-considering stroke as a brain-based problem, let’s change stroke recovery discourse. Are you interested? If so, let me introduce you to:

The 2015 Changing Stroke project: Stroke ReWoRD.

If you’d like to know more, then please download: Stroke ReWoRD Project

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