Stroke TOTE Bag Project

The Stroke TOTE Bag: Time on Tasks Extended

There have been lots of good ideas about how we can increase the time that patients spend “doing”! As we all know, repetitive, intensive, meaningful, task-specific training (rimTST) is an effective intervention for the restoration of function after stroke, because stroke is a brain-based problem that needs a brain-based solution.

So, let me introduce you to one of the ideas I’ve heard about recently: encouraging patients with stroke to have their own bag of self-selected “stuff” which will encourage them to spend more time doing activities that are of interest to them.

Coincidentally, I attended a conference where we were all given a “NOT JUST A TOTE BAG” bag, which inspired me even more! Being addicted to the creating of acronyms, I decided to explore the idea of a Stroke TOTE bag. I figured TOTE could stand for Time on Tasks Extended –  the basis of the STB project! So, then I took this all one step further, as I’m too often prone to do, and thought, well what would I have in my own Stroke TOTE bag if I’d experienced a stroke.

So, if you open up the attachment, you’ll find out what I’d put in my Stroke TOTE bag. I think this is a seriously good idea! Thanks to those who told me about it.