Sitting, Upper Limb Impairment & Falls

April 2019: Hanna E, Janssen H, Crowfoot G, Mason G, Vyslysel G, Sweetapple A, Callister R & English C (2019) Participation, Fear of Falling, and Upper Limb Impairment are Associated with High Sitting Time in People with Stroke, Occupational Therapy In Health Care, DOI: 10.1080/07380577.2019.1587675

The purpose of this cross-sectional, exploratory study was to explore associations between sitting time and (1) participation, (2) fear of falling, and (3) upper limb impairment after stroke. High sitting time was associated with less participation in meaningful activities involving standing or walking (ρ = −0.519, p = 0.023). A greater fear of falling (ρ = 0.579, p = 0.012) and having an impaired upper limb (mean difference 18.7%, 95% CI: 5.3–32.1, p = 0.012) were associated with greater sitting time. Providing support for stroke survivors to participate in meaningful activities while reducing sitting time is an important consideration when planning occupational therapy interventions, particularly for individuals with an arm impairment and/or those with a fear of falling.