Stroke Rehabilitation

Welcome to Journal Club 2016: Brewer L, Horgan F, Hickey A and Williams D. (2013) Stroke rehabilitation: recent advances and future therapies QJM International Journal of Medicine, 106(1), 11-25, DOI

Abstract: Despite advances in the acute management of stroke, a large proportion of stroke patients are left with significant impairments. Over the coming decades the prevalence of stroke-related disability is expected to increase worldwide and this will impact greatly on families, healthcare systems and economies. Effective neuro-rehabilitation is a key factor in reducing disability after stroke. In this review, we discuss the effects of stroke, principles of stroke rehabilitative care and predictors of recovery. We also discuss novel therapies in stroke rehabilitation, including non-invasive brain stimulation, robotics and pharmacological augmentation. Many trials are currently underway, which, in time, may impact on future rehabilitative practice.

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